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«These boots are made for walking» is to be heard in Oslo on 10 August when Nancy Sinatra is ready for the Oya Festival.

- I can’t wait, I’m so excited about this! I’ve never been to Norway before, so when I was asked to do a rock-festival there, I accepted. It will be a pleasure to see the country and my fans there, says Nancy, also known as the daughter of Frank Sinatra.

Her new album, ”California Girl” was released in the USA in the end of April. It’s a concept album that was started in the end of the 60’s, but wasn’t finished until last year. Five or six new songs were recorded, among them a new version of “California Girls” with Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys on guest vocals.

- I wanted all the songs on the album to have a feel of California. A lot of them have been favourites of mine through the years. I’ve always loved “Hotel California”, “California Girls” and “California Dreamin’”, she tells me.

Acted with Elvis

In her time she’s done seven movies, and among them are ”Speedway” with Elvis and ”The Wild Angels” with Peter Fonda.

- Elvis was funny and charming, and we had many laughs together. It was a really nice experience. We were friends too, so that made it extra special. My best movie experiences was working with Elvis, riding the motorbikes with Peter Fonda and doing “Marriage On The Rocks” with my father. It’s funny how my three best experiences are so strongly connected with three of my favourite men, she laughs.

Father and daughter Sinatra did three duets together: ”Somethin’ Stupid”, “Feelin’ Kinda Sunday” and “Like A Trippy Thing”. She’s also written two books about her famous father, where she tells the truth.

- Why did you do it?

- Because there are so many lies out there. There are so many rumours and so much gossip, and I think it was important to get the truth out there. We had a good and close relationship. What I value the most are all the times we got to spend together, having fun together, going to restaurants – and watching him on stage.

These boots...

Nancy’s most well known song is «These Boots Were Made For Walking», that was all over the charts in 1966.

- This song still has a life of its own. It’s so good that it goes from generation to generation. There’s always a group of girls, mothers, grandmothers that likes this song - young girls singing and dancing in their go-go boots. Believe me, I hear these stories all the time!

Nancy has been into politics, but isn’t satisfied with the way things are in the USA now.

- I don’t like the republican government, because they don’t take good enough care of the people. September 11th was probably the worst day in the history of the USA. I have a daughter who lives in New Jersey, and she takes the train in to New York every day. I was very nervous when I couldn’t get hold of her for a couple of hours, as the phone communication was off. She called me when she got home, and from her house she could see one of the buildings collapse. It affected her greatly. Now she’s getting married in September, and she picked that month to have something good to remember instead of the September 11th incident.

- You tried to have a comeback in 1995, but it didn’t quite go as you hoped?

- The album, ”One More Time”, got attention, the promotion was good, but he music was a little bit too much country style for my fans, says Nancy.

The reason why she was away from the spotlight for almost 15 years, was that her daughters were only nine and 11 years old when their father, Hugh Lambert, died in 1985. She put her career on hold when he got sick some years before that. The only thing she did was opening a couple of concerts for Frank Sinatra, then mostly so the children could spend time with their grandfather.

- The record-companies either want the big stars such as Whitney Houston or Barbara Streisand, or the young new ones like Alicia Keys or Britney Spears. In rock they want, like The Rolling Stones, and obviously I’m not them, she laughs. Women my age don’t get a lot of breaks, but I wouldn’t trade in the years I spent with my daughters for anything.

PS! Nancy Sinatra is unsure of what songs the Norwegian fans want to hear at the Oya-Festival, so she’d appreciate getting requests at her website: www.nancysinatra.com.

- But the requests have to be in before August 4th, because then the list must be ready in order to rehearse the band.