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It’s been well over twelve hours since the concert 17 May in Askim, and Bosson agreed to meet me for a short chat at the Rainbow Hotel in Oslo. It turned out to be not that short, and not entirely without surprises and revelations. We find out what's happened after his massive 2001 hit "One In A Million".


- Having an 18-year age limit on one of my shows has to turn out wrong, he reflects over a bottle of Evian while thinking of yesterday’s gig.

- I mean, since most of my fans are quite a lot younger than that, it just turned out to be awkward. I couldn’t go out there and apologize to a number of 30-years-olds for being there; I just had to make the best of it. I don’t usually run as much amongst the audience as I did in Askim, but sometimes you just have to, as the ones furthest back hardly heard anything. I noticed it myself when I got down there; I could hardly hear myself! So it’s logical, if you can’t hear anything, you can’t get involved. However, if I go amongst them and become a part of them it’s easier – if I’m just up there it’s like watching TV!

Showdown In Askim!

One can wonder what expectations Bosson had to a place like Askim…

- I don’t know, actually. I’ve just been in Mexico, last weekend we had gigs on Saturday in the north of Sweden and on Sunday in the south. So I was home for a day, left at 6am to Gothenburg to Amsterdam, from Amsterdam to New York, through customs and finally Cajun in Mexico. We were there one day to do an interview for a TV station, where they also showed the five videos I’ve made so far. So, that was Thursday, and the morning after we went back the same way. The journey one way took about eighteen hours, and yesterday we landed in Amsterdam at 6am, did nothing for hours until we finally arrived in Oslo yesterday afternoon and got on a bus to Askim, so I really knew nothing about the place.

- Normally I get information about the place and the type of show it’s going to be, but all I knew yesterday was that it was a place called Askim in Norway. I had heard about it before, as it’s not very far from Sweden. Today we’re going to Toensberg. Fortunately I’ve had a bit of sleep tonight, as I had absolutely no sleep the past four days.

Personally I thought the show in the Askim Park 17 May was incredibly fascinating, but is he happy about it himself?

- Yes, absolutely. It’s actually pretty cool to do these kinds of shows, as I’m more comfortable being on stage during the day or early evening with people I can communicate with, contrary to a club at 1am. You know how it is, everyone’s pissed out of their minds, I run through the songs and nobody understands anything. If it’s earlier people are more present and it’s still possible to get a bit of response, so then it doesn’t matter if it’s 100 or 5000 in the audience.

"I'm Gonna Make You Weightless"

A couple of days ago I came across a song called ”Weightless”, which turned out to be a duet with Bosson and Swedish Emma Andersson. How did this happen?

- We have already known each other for a while, have worked with the same producers and I know a guy from her record company. He asked her whom she would most like to do a duet with, and when she said “Staffan” I contacted the producers, listened to the song and thought it was great. I’m not afraid of doing new things, so I usually don’t let a chance pass.

Has she written it?

- No, her producers did. They’ve also written “Let Your Soul Shine” from my album, produced “Over The Mountains” and the album version of “I Believe”. I had a couple of things changed on “Weightless”, but other than that they have to take credit for it.

New album - No More Westlife!

Now that ”One In A Million” has been out for about a year, I thought it was appropriate to ask if he has any new projects going. Like, a new album, for instance?

- I was going to start writing and producing the new album this April/May, but there’s so much going on with concerts and promotion that there’s just no time! Now, for instance, we’re going to Canada to promote “One In A Million”. The record company just decided that they wanted to release it there, and as it’s climbing up the charts it’s a good idea to do something. It’s hard to make time, because I need a bit more time than a day here and an hour there. I will, however, write until August and will hopefully go to the studio then. The album can then be out in March next year.

”One In A Million” is a melodious album with a slight boy band-sound. What’s the plan for the new album?

- I’m not sure; I will work a lot on the melodies and won’t stop until the songs have a strong and good sound. After all, that is what’s most important! I don’t know exactly how the production will be, what style to do, but I want to use more guitars. I’m thinking of something like a Darren Hayes, 80’s sound. I’m starting to grow tired of a certain sound and am looking for a brand new sound, to get away from Westlife and Backstreet Boys productions. I think Darren Hayes has managed this pretty well. He’s gone back to the 80’s and taken out a type of sound that now has become new and fresh. But as I said, I will use guitars, acoustic songs, maybe even el-guitars to get even more energy when I play live. We’ll see, I’m looking forward to getting started!

”This Is Our Life” is Bosson’s new single, and with a new single he usually releases a video. How about now?

- “This Is Our Life”? No, there won’t be a video, as this was just a final single we decided to release. A kind of spur at the moment thing, “hey, let’s release one more”. In reality, it was the Swedish radio stations that wanted us to release it there, so we decided to do it over the summer, and it’s definitely the final one. I’ve already released five, which is quite enough, I think.

"We Will Meet Again" - with Howie D.

Pleased with the result thus far, I was ready to ask the final question: ”Anything else I should know?”

- No, not that I can think of…

However, after giving it a bit of time, he starts thinking out loud about what’s happened since our last interview in July 2001.

- Huh, since the last time we spoke... You know the thing about Howie D from the Backstreet Boys, right? No? He and his sister recorded “We Will Meet Again”. Yes, it’s true! he responds to my perhaps too loud “Really!?”

- So for four days we were together in a studio and recorded the song as a duet. It fitted perfectly as their sister died of Lupus, and the song is about losing someone. Their management liked it, so we’ll see how it goes. Soon I’m going down to perform it for a radio station that has donated $25,000 to the Lupus organization. I think that’s fun! I think there should be more information on the band’s official site.

The Unknown Beginning – Before "We Live" In 1998

He asks me about Lene Marlin and wonders what happened to her, and about M2M whom he thought released their first albums at 14-15 years of age. I say they actually released their first albums when they were both well under ten.

- Oh, Jesus! I started pretty late compared to that! he says, obviously impressed by the two talented Norwegian girls.

- ”We Live”? I ask with a sense of pride in my voice, having dug up that this song was a huge hit in the USA a couple of years ago.

- Naaah, I started earlier than that! My first single is called “Easy To Believe” and I did it with two others. We had a group called “Elevate”. I was 24 back then. It goes something like, “She was easy to believe, she was easy to believe, she was easy, she was easy, she was easy to believe” (visualise a number of high pitch tones like in “One In A Million” here)

Curiously I ask if “that’s it”. He was obviously on a roll and grinned, satisfied that we had obviously reached a part of his career that was – until now – unknown. He was possibly even more pleased over the fact that I had no clue about it 30 seconds ago.

- ”We Will Be One” is another song that goes something like, “We-e-e will be one, Baby, I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming, I’m na-a-a-a-h...” with a number of high pitch tones, so that’s when I started doing that. It was just “me”. If I may say so myself, that was a darn good song!

He mentions a third unknown song, ”Mrs Brown”, until he realises he’s about half an hour late and has to run to get ready for the next bullet on his to-do list: concert in Tønsberg.